Bushfires, how to prepare, what and when

Bushfires, how to prepare, what and when

March 14, 2012 9:26 pm

When Do Bushfires Appear?

Unfortunately, a lot of people get complacent whenever bushfires fail to turn up in a long time. However, bushfires are indiscriminate and random and don’t have any agendas or schedules, so they can thrive in practically any environment. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to thoroughly analyze the living environment first.

Probably the biggest factor that will determine an area’s risk would be the amount of fuel in it; this pertains mostly to wood, leaves and brush. Naturally, areas with a dense amount of fuel will need more comprehensive and more involved preparations compared to areas with a light or sparse amount of fuel.

Once the requirements have been evaluated, it would be smart to come up with a good preparation plan. Here are some of the things that should be included into that plan:

1. Control the embers and sparks before they get worse.

Properly managing the fire can help with overall protection, but it would still be smart to get in touch with the local fire authorities for better advice and for permits…remember that.

2. Build fuel breaks.

Building fuel breaks between natural vegetation and the houses nearby can help a lot. To do this, just clear all of the trees, brush, leaves and shrubbery around every home.

3. Get rid of fuel altogether.

To make things easier, just get rid of all of the fuel that can be found near bushfire prone houses, including stores of flammable liquids and firewood. Clear all of the gutters and get rid of refuge and gas cylinders, too.

4. Install sprinklers.

It would be smart to invest in irrigation that is especially designed to defend houses against bushfires.

5. Install water pumps and tanks.

Having access to various water sources would actually be smart, in general. Ideally, hoses should be installed at various positions around each house, too.

6. Seal floor and wall cavities.

Seal floor and wall cavities with fire-resistant mesh, regular mesh or emberseal – all of which can be found here at www.bushfireattacklevel.com

7. Stay up-to-date.

Listen to the radio frequently in order to catch any bushfire announcements, bulletins or warnings.

Now, the biggest decision that people have to make when bushfires erupt is whether to protect their property or evacuate. Well, anybody who asks themselves this particular question only needs to know whether they are ready for it or not. If they are ready, then they can try and save their property. If not, then they should leave and not let their emotions take over.