How do Bushfires Start

March 20, 2012 1:19 pm

smoldering campfires can escape into bush and create bushfires

An unattended campfire can result in a bushfire

Here are our top 10 main causes that spark Bushfires…

  1. Power line collisions and faults
  2. Lightning strikes in forested areas
  3. Motor vehicle accidents
  4. Carelessly discarded cigarettes
  5. Spontaneous combustion
  6. Unattended camp fires
  7. Careless burning off and hazard reduction burns
  8. Sparks from machinery like angle grinders
  9. Poorly maintained vehicle or tractor exhaust systems.
  10. Arson, Deliberate burning by arsonists, rebellious teenagers and sometimes even curious children

If your local authorities declare a Total Fire Ban or you are in a high risk area then try to avoid the above or you could find yourself in deep trouble trying to explain how you allowed a fire to start.