Preparing Homes for Bushfire

March 14, 2012 9:49 pm

clearing away the scrub during winter and spring ready for bushfire seasonPeople who reside in rural regions, most of all in bushfire prone areas near bushlands, need to get their homes ready in case bushfire threats appear during bushfire season. When bushfire conditions are especially severe and catastrophic, it would naturally be highly advisable to leave the house. However, on days with lower risk, there are also several things that can be done to make sure the house stays untouched. Read on.

1. Clean up.

If there is any rubbish around the area or any other flammable materials, get rid of them. Dry wood and timber piles should be kept far away from the actual property and both recyclable and paper rubbish need to be disposed of properly. Gutters should be cleared from leaves and dry leaves around the house should be raked up on a regular basis, as well.

2. Take care of repairs.

Check the roof’s condition and make sure that there aren’t any gaps that embers or sparks could get into. Remember: even small embers can start up a fire inside a house, so replace any cracked or broken tiles as needed. Make sure that no embers can get through any gaps in the roof sheeting or wall cladding or from under the house or under the eaves, either. Seal gaps in the house with Corro Corners, Eaveseal, Houseseal, Roofseal or Ridgeseal products from this website. ¬†Look to keep the house properly maintained during bushfire season.

3. Reduce the fuel.

Reduce the fuel around the house by cutting tree branches back and making sure they don’t hang over the roof of the house. Secure any chemicals and fuels, as well. If there are any LPG cylinders nearby, move them to a place that is less prone to intense flame.