Top Strategies to Use against Bushfire

March 19, 2012 1:38 pm

Fire fighters racing to douse a bush fireUnless you have experienced it, it can be easy to forget how bushfire can race through the Australian landscape with ease and speed every year. The truth is that bushfire season will keep coming, no matter how much people try to forget it.

Even though bushfire is considered to be a natural occurrence in mother nature, it still damages properties, injures wildlife and often kills people, every year. So, even though it might not be possible to control it, the good news is that several steps can be followed in order to protect homes and families from this threat.

Here are some of the best strategies to use against bushfire:

1. Clear the gutters.

Debris can easily collect and pile up during autumn and winter. When spring comes around, the weather changes will dry leafy materials out and turn them into prime fuel for bushfire. Ideally, homeowners should have some type of gutter protection installed into their homes, but it would also be vital to clear the roofs of debris anyway.


2. Get rid of clutter around the house.

In general, old debris can become fire fuel. So, whether it may be unused firewood, kindling, leaf litter, scrap timber, rubbish, trees and shrubs to close to the home etc, get rid of it before bushfire season, so that the backyard doesn’t end up full of materials to ignited by uncontrollable embers and sparks.


3. Have a bushfire kit and escape plan ready.

Families should sit down and talk about their emergency bushfire plan before one appears. They should then review it together during bushfire season to make sure that everybody still knows what to do during an emergency. Your local volunteer fire brigade and local councils will have some good advice on what to do during a major fire, too. A lot of governments now provide radio, text and Internet alerts, so everybody can be updated on any changes. As for the bushfire, it should contain some blankets, a radio, spare batteries, a waterproof torch, a first aid kit, fresh water.

By following the aforementioned strategies, you can ensure that your family stays safe throughout every bushfire season.